Trend Landscaping of 2018

Trend Landscaping of 2018


Interior plantscaping

Sources say the houseplants of 1970s are a trend with new creative twists. This is known as interior plantscaping and covers everything from indoor containers to green walls to interior courtyards.

Minimizing lawns

Another trend homeowners are said to be interested in is simplifying their yards. Instead of having complicated hard to keep up yards, minimalism is coming into the yard as well as the house!

Year of the Tulip

2018 is the Year of the Tulip, the plant just screams spring! Whatever color you enjoy trending tulips are a lovely way to brighten up your yard!


Safe havens for wildlife

Speaking of wildlife, another landscaping feature customers are said to be attracted to is creating pollinator gardens and spaces that provide habitats for local fauna.

Inviting the bees, butterfly’s, and birds are a great way to help your garden pollinate and help bring back the essential bugs (as long as they stay outside)

Small gardens

As mentioned earlier, the smaller gardens are not necessarily a trend for homeowners, but as the landscapers deal with them more and more often, they welcome it.

The key element to designing in smaller gardens is to keep the customer’s wants in mind and be very deliberate about how the space will be used.

Dog-centric landscape design

Dogscaping may seem like a trend only the most eccentric owners would be interested in, but there has been an uptick in people wanting their landscape catered towards their pets.


More fire features

A gas or log burning fire feature is always a big trend when it comes to landscaping. They’re good conversation starters and good for entertaining! Portable or built in it makes a great centerpiece for your yard!


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