The Winter Desert Garden

The Winter Desert Garden

Though people think we my not have a Winter here in the desert that is certainly not true! Here are a few examples for a prospering Winter Desert Garden!

Winter Desert Garden

There are numerous plants for winter desert gardens, which will thrive in slightly cooler temperatures. Caring for desert plants that are in ground for year-round landscaping takes some special maintenance and attention. They may be exposed to colder temperatures and lessened solar heat and light. A few adjustments in gardening strategy will help protect the desert winter garden.

1. Make sure your plants are well watered!

The desert winter garden is open to elements such as cold, wind and extreme dryness. Evening temperatures do dip into the freezing level. Plant specimens close to the home or in valleys to protect plants from cold snaps and freezes. Dry soils hold cold better than moist soils. Consistent watering takes advantage of this rule by helping to warm the earth. Make sure any tender plants are located in a sheltered area to protect them from drying and damaging wind. this is one of the most important steps in preparing for a Winter Desert Garden.

2. Plants for a Winter Desert Garden

Edible plants for winter desert gardening would include garlic; cool season greens, like kale; and many other root crops, such as parsnips. During the day you can bring your seed flats outdoors to get used to solar rays but don’t forget to bring them inside at night when temperatures dip. Native and dormant bare root plants are fine if you install them on a warmer winter day and protect them for a couple of weeks from freezing. Pea bush, penstemon, golden barrel and chuparosa are some native and introduced species that thrive in desert winters. Picking the right plant is also a crucial part of a Winter Desert Garden.

3. The Care and Upkeep of Desert Plants

Existing plants and those newly installed will benefit from protection from freezes. All you need is some clear plastic or burlap, wood stakes, rope or plant ties and a plan. Construct teepees over sensitive plants to protect them from the touch of cold. Even a simple row cover will help keep heat in at night. Water the plants regularly to warm and moisten soil. Winter is also the perfect time to do some maintenance on your Winter Desert Garden like light pruning, soil amendment, aerating, moving plants to new locations and building new beds.

Winter Desert Garden

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